Use of GPS-Based Action Cameras in a Naturalistic Motorcycle Riding Study

M.K.A. Ibrahim


A pilot study was conducted to test the feasibility of using GPS- based action cameras in a large-scale naturalistic motorcycle riding data collection. A Garmin VIRB XE action camera was used to record riding behaviour data of four consenting participants from their place of residence to their place of work and other locations. Despite some limitations, the present study found that the methodology, data analysis approach and overall implementation plan were suitable for a larger scale study of this kind. Based on the recorded crash-relevant events, this study established a set of minimum required variables for a meaningful analysis of a naturalistic riding data. In addition, issues pertaining to data recording, data analysis and instrumentation were discussed and the potential solutions were suggested. Overall, this study strengthens the idea that a large-scale naturalistic motorcycle riding study can be conducted with lower financial cost, without substantially reducing the advantage of naturalistic data established by the previous large-scale studies.


Naturalistic riding data; action camera; crash-relevant events; motorcycle safety

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