Adaptation of Technology Capability with Special Attention to ASEAN NCAP in Strategic Design and Manufacturing a New Car with Safety Features

A. Abashah, S. Abu Bakar, I. Zunaidi, I.H. Abu Samah, S.N. Ramlan, H. Hassan Basri, R.T. Abdul Rahim, M.S.M. Hashim, A. Harun, Z.M. Razlan, W.K. Wan


This research aims to investigate the relationship between the technology capability and car manufacturer understanding and awareness of the New Car Assessment Program for Southeast Asian Countries (ASEAN NCAP). The surveys were performed to collect the data among Malaysian car manufacturers and 90 sets of questionnaires were returned and analysed using SPSS software with the main statistical analysis highlighted are Pearson correlation and multiple regression to examine the research hypothesis. Interviews were also conducted among the car manufacturers to investigate further the research objective. The research findings concluded that there is a significant relationship between the technology capability and car manufacturers on their understanding and awareness of the ASEAN NCAP requirements. Hence, this study proved that technology capability is the essential factor for car manufacturers and it is one of the main concerns for them in producing a new safer car design.


Technology capability; ASEAN NCAP; new car; design; manufacturing; automotive industry

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