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Rearward Visibility Technology in ASEAN Market

M.A. Meor Said, M.H.F. Mohd Sohimin, N. Abu Husain, B. Abd Rahman, T.N.A. Tuan Kamaruddin, S.N. Mohamad Jamil, R. Balaka


The recent trend in vehicle design tends to make thick roof pillar for stronger structure; which results in limiting rearward visibility. One of the ways to circumvent this reduced visibility is by using Rearward Visibility Technology (RVT). This paper aims to produce an overview of RVTs available in the ASEAN market based on classes and sub-classes. In summary, RVT is still in the introductory phase to the ASEAN region; as RVTs only been implemented by OEMs in several models, and aftermarket RVT products offer cost-effective prices but the performance in comparison to OEM’s RVT is yet to be known.


Rearward Visibility Technology (RVT); Class I Mirror; Class III Mirror; ASEAN NCAP Roadmap 2021-2025

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