Factors Influencing Car Purchasing Intention: A Study among Vietnamese Consumers

H.L.C. Phuong, L.H. Anh, A.A. Ab Rashid


This study explored factors influencing the intention of buying a car among Vietnamese consumers. This quantitative study administered questionnaire surveys to 242 respondents in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The linear regression analysis revealed five factors influencing the car purchasing intention: brand, perceived quality, technology, the performance of the car and customers' purchasing capacity (i.e. value and income). As the strongest contribution to the car purchasing intention, the car brand contributed the most to customers' decision-making process. Surprisingly, consumers considered safety and security very minimally when deciding to purchase their cars. Concerns and potential benefits of the results were discussed from the perspective of consumers, manufacturers, and policymakers.


Car purchasing intention; brand; quality; performance; technology; safety; income; value; Vietnam

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