A Preliminary Study on Motorcycle Conspicuity Improvement Based on Detection Distance

M.S. Abdul Khalid, N.K. Khamis, M.R.A. Mansor


Conspicuity has been one of the main contributing factors to the high percentage of motorcycle crashes around the world. In Malaysia, it is normal to observe a motorcycle ridden without its lights functioning. Furthermore, the ignorance of motorcyclists on attire selection also contributing to less contrast of motorcyclists against the background which has led to the increase of motorcycle conspicuity related crashes particularly at night time. This study aims to propose multiple ways to improve the conspicuity of the motorcycle in Malaysia road traffic including a new intervention of conspicuity enhancement. The preliminary results suggested that a brighter appearance helps the driver to detect motorcyclists further and earlier. It is also proved that the luminance of the headlight had contributed to better detection of a motorcycle at night. The new intervention of applying a set of retroreflective tape on the side body of the motorcycle has shown a promising result as it helps to improve motorcycle detection further especially at a junction. To conclude, brighter appearances of motorcyclists and motorcycle can improve their detection and enhance motorcycle conspicuity at night time while reducing the risk of motorcycle crashes and injury.


Conspicuity; visibility; motorcycle; motorcyclist; motorcycle safety

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