A Study on Gender and Vehicle Use in Relation to Awareness and Attitude toward Festive Season OPS

N.A. Mohamad


This paper shall examine the role of gender and type of vehicle most frequently used by road users (car and motorcycle) in relation to their awareness and attitude towards traffic enforcement. These two factors, namely role of gender and vehicle type, have not been fully understood especially in the context of enforcement efforts. The study includes analysis of survey data from a perception study on OPS Raya Aidilfitri 2016 traffic enforcement during festive season. Nonparametric testing and mean analysis were performed to determine any association between gender and vehicle with visibility (awareness) and attitude toward enforcement activities. The findings suggest that road users specifically car drivers and motorcyclists moderately agree with the effectiveness of such enforcement efforts. Male respondents and car drivers were considerably more aware of enforcement activities compared to female respondents and motorcyclists. In addition, females were found to be more favourable in their attitude towards enforcement compared to males. Gender and vehicle use significantly influenced road users’ awareness and attitude to enforcement. Thus, the authority and agencies involved in traffic enforcement should consider strategies to incorporate these variables in order to increase effectiveness of enforcement efforts. For instance, enforcers may consider placing enforcement signage and conduct roadside checks in more strategic locations to increase visibility to road users.


Traffic enforcement; festive season; road safety; awareness; attitude

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