Journal of the Society of Automotive Engineers Malaysia

Journal of the Society of Automotive Engineers Malaysia (JSAEM) is peer-reviewed and published three times a year by Society of Automotive Engineers Malaysia. It strives to provide a medium of publication for original research in the multidisciplinary areas of automotive engineering. Coverage of JSAEM includes, but is not limited to:

- Autonomous system
- Automotive consumerism
- Energy efficient technology
- Engine system
- Human factors and ergonomics
- Management and economics
- Noise, vibration and harshness
- Production and manufacturing
- Safety
- Vehicle dynamics and control

JSAEM supports barrier-free online dissemination of scholarly research. The electronic full text version of the journal is available free of charge.

Vol 4, No 2 (2020): May 2020

Table of Contents


M.A. Meor Said, M.H.F. Mohd Sohimin, N. Abu Husain, B. Abd Rahman, T.N.A. Tuan Kamaruddin, S.N. Mohamad Jamil, R. Balaka

Original Articles

M.R. Mansor, A.H. Nurfaizey, N.A. Masripan, M.A. Salim, A.M. Saad, N. Tamaldin, G. Omar, M.Z. Akop, M.H.A. Majid, M.H.M. Maamor, M.S. Solah, S.G. Herawan
N.Q. Radzuan, M.H.A. Hassan, R.M. Musa, A.P.P. Abdul Majeed, M.A. Mohd Razman, K.A. Abu Kassim
N. Abu Husain, N.H.F. Ismail, M.M. Baharuddin, M.S.F. Mansor, N.I. Mohd Zaki, M.K. Abu Husain, A. Ma'aram, A.S. Wiyono, T. Chaiyakul, Y. Ahmad, K.A. Abu Kassim
F.H. Kamaru Zaman, S.A. Che Abdullah, N. Abdul Razak, I. Pasya, J. Johari, N.E. Kordi
S. Sitthiracha, S. Koetniyom
N.I. Mohd Zaki, S.M. Che Husin, M.K. Abu Husain, N. Abu Husain, A. Ma'aram, A. Jusuf, J. Carmai, Y. Ahmad, K.A. Abu Kassim
N.J. Zakaria, M.I. Shapiai, M.A. Abdul Rahman, W.J. Yahya
N.S. Suhaimi, E.H. Sukadarin, H.A. Aziz, H. Osman, M.N. Noordin, I. Shafiee
H.L.C. Phuong, L.H. Anh, A.A. Ab Rashid
M.S. Abdul Khalid, N.K. Khamis, M.R.A. Mansor